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It Works Opportunity
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Preparing for the break:

I have been working around the clock to get my information updated on all my students for Gold so that during the fall break I do not have to work. I had a plan this weekend but found it quickly derailed by my lack of motivation. This seems to be happening more and more and I have had enough. I will be working on a new workout plan to increase energy. I sure hope it works because otherwise this is going to be a long week instead of a break.
 I have bought a new water bottle that tracks how many bottles I have had. A new watch that tracks how much I walk and a new workout video to jump start all of this. Wish me luck.
Jillian Michael's workout plan here I come!


  1. I wish you much luck
    sounds like you're off to a great start

    1. It took me a week but I finally took out that disc and did the workout. It was 20 min. of hard work, but I did it and I felt awesome afterwards. Thanks for stopping by.


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