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It Works Opportunity
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

A shift in my life, to the depths of my soul

To grown & Learn & Change
Where a I take a job that requires skills I know I do not possess I must make every effort to become something different then I've been for 34 years. I must become a team player, a great talker and a worker of calm and logic. When emotions run high, I have to ask the right questions. When students needs are not getting met, I have to ask the team to step up one more time. And when they fall apart I have to be their rock and give them a listening ear.

In the end, as a coach and leader I must embody skills that I am asking my teammates to have. I must fight with passion, back down when I'm wrong and smile when I'm angry or play nice with the crazy. I must never leave my team stranded and take away their dignity. I must support them while guiding them.

This blog will become my journey and insight into this world. It will become the place where I change, transform, scream and rant. Where I put my big girlie panties on and admit defeat when it is necessary, or where I argue and convince myself that I am doing what is best for kids. For all that matters in the end is that the students receive the education they deserve and must have to move forward with their life.

I will not always be right but I will be passionate and I will forgive myself and my team for the mistakes that I know we will make. I will learn to hold my tongue and not make rash decisions without thinking through the information. I will ask questions, I will change my life to become the leader I want to become. And this blog will be the place where my journey begins. It will be the story of my failures and successes.

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