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It Works Opportunity
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Friday, June 29, 2012

4th of July Pink Saturday

The perfect 4th of July tablecloth from Pampered Chef for a picnic in the park or my very special table that belonged to my grandmother.  It protects my table nicely from my 5 and 10 year old who no matter how many times you ask to eat over their plate never manage to walk away with out a mess on the table.

  Thought I needed some Pink as well, so here is my Pink for the week:

My bull dog Anna-You have to look close for the pink on her collar.  She is an American Bull-dog and the kid in the background is my 10 year old. Anna has not learned to share yet.  

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My Pink Saturday. Unfortunately it is late, but better late then never.
 This is my favorite watch.  It is bright, sparkles when the sun hits it and looks good with most of my clothes.

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The Teacher Tote from


                                  Simple Tip: materials

Need a bag to keep the papers and supplies you carry home neat and organized? Here's the perfect solution! A gardening tote makes a terrific teacher bag! The extra-wide opening allows you to find papers and books in a snap. Plus the handy outside pockets hold everything from markers to scissors! This was found at Mailbox.
Simple Tip: materials
I am fascinating by the amount of stuff a teacher feels needs to  come back and forth everyday from a classroom. I try to carry as little as possible, but then again I also try to do all my work at work so I don't have to carry it home.  But, if you do have to take things home I thought this was a really great idea for teachers or anyone who is toting lot's of things around from day to day.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Saying Good-bye to the Pain

Get off the dock 

Today, I would like to climb in a boat and row and row until the pain goes away.  I don't like to dwell and feel that carrying around baggage that serves no purpose other then to torture yourself should be left by the dock.  And when amazing comes out of really bad, I know I must learn to move forward without constantly torturing myself.  I must remind myself that it is truly okay to just be happy and our life now is not what our life was before.

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Staying rooted in one spot dwelling stops you from moving forward. I have to untie the boat and move it away from the barrier in front of it.    

Looking beyond what is right in-front of you allows you to see the beauty beyond where I am.