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It Works Opportunity
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Could you leave it all behind?

New House, New Friends, New Job! A whole new life.

I have been watching the series INPLAINSIGHT and it has left me wondering if I was in this situation could I leave it all behind? Could I walk away from everything I know, everything I have and start over with my husband and kids.  Don't get me wrong, I hope I'm never in this situation but if I am... I'm thinking about what decision would I make.

Here's what I've come with after thinking about this for days. I easily could walk away.  I don't know why. I know that I'm very close to my family and I would miss them like crazy, but I have decided that I'm the type of person that I could start a new job, find a new house, a new identity and the only thing that I would look back for is to make sure no one that is trying to kill me is following.
I wonder, why doesn't it scare me to start over? I don't really know. 

Whatever the reason, I truly know that whenever faced with the challenge of moving on, or staying I  would pick moving on anytime of the day.  If I have my husband and kids I know I would be okay. And well the possessions I have accumulated, I realize I'm not all that attached to them.  My sisters, brother and parents are my best friends in the world, but if I needed to leave to keep them safe, well I would do it.

Would you?  

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