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Monday, July 2, 2012

Wookiee Cookies

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My husband and younger son are huge fans of Star Wars. Recently we received a Starwars cookbook from my mother-in-law. So, yesterday I decided to make Wookiee Cookies for the family.  They are basically chocolate chip cookies with cinnamon, but they were tasty.

I'm not the greatest cook, but I found this to be very easy.  First, combine dry ingredients.

Then set it aside. I had quite a mess in my kitchen at this point, but thought it better to show the ingredients neatly mixed then the mess on my counter.  In another bowl then you mix the other ingredients, the butter, vanilla, sugar, and brown sugar.

 Now, I'm working really hard on using my egg beater without spraying ingredients everyone. In this particular case I was not saved and I had stuff all over my microwave, stove and other places. But it was fun and eventually everything was mixed together.  But dually noted, you have to scrap the bottom so you don't have extra flour showing in your cookies. 

 Next mix both bowls together and add your chocolate chips, sweetened and unsweetened. 

Mix again.  Then take a spoonful and put on your pans.  Bake at 375 for 10 min. and you get some very yummy Wookiee Cookies.


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    I love that there's a Star War's cookbook ~ very COOL!


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