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It Works Opportunity
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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Fun

 Our trip was extensive and busy for just two days. I took lot's of photos and wanted to include some of them here so you could enjoy my trip as well. This is one of the Pubelo's they have in Flagstaff.
The first night at our campsite. My son is lighting his first fire.

 This information is placed all around the museum at the Crater. It is amazing how much information is in here. My kids had a ton of fun and we were there for about two hours walking around and enjoying the information and artifacts.

 More time at the campsite after we walked around the crater. We had a guy named Eduardo that gave us a tour and it was tons of fun.

 More pictures to come as I download them and get them situated. It will be a busy week as I start school again but I will slowly be putting more up there.

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