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It Works Opportunity
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Monday, September 17, 2012


I'm not usually one for sentimental, or holiday decorations. My husband on the other hand asks about putting up our Christmas tree as soon as the fall decorations are in store. So, pretty much the third week into August he is looking to beautify our house, with the smells and colors of the holidays. Last weekend we went to Costco and they already had a ton of Halloween and Christmas stuff out, including the delicious butter cookies. So, of course we had to buy a tin.
Anyway, this weekend my neighbor was putting up fall decorations and I got the biggest desire to go and buy a whole bunch of fall decorations. I want pumpkins, and wreaths, and all things brown, and orange and fall. I want apples, and straw and a fall wreath on my door. A big welcome mat that let's everyone stopping by that are house is ready for the holidays. However, the feeling passed and instead my son, got window markers and has created a beautiful picture on my backdoor instead. Pumpkins and straw will have to wait for another day. But some day soon, I will find that isle again. I will venture down that road where decorations creep onto my walls and windows so my children and husband can get into the spirit.

I also am in the mood lately to crochet things. I have found this hat online that looks complicated but very cool. I am going to search for a pattern and make an effort. Loving all things fall and cooler weather.

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