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It Works Opportunity
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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Stars are the

 limit for me!

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  1. Hi Austine,

    Nice to meet you! Thank you for coming by for a visit, and for becoming my newest follower! Always admire teachers. My daughter (21) is an assistant teacher at a daycare. She loves her kids, and wants to become a regular teacher after college. Looking forward to getting to know you!


  2. I like that! Thanks for visiting my blog. My daughter is a high school band teacher, so I admire teachers too!

    1. Wow, High school. That's a tough age. But I bet band is at least fun. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I like your Six Words, Austine. After the perfect landing by NASA, Mars might be the limit for me. I worked at NASA with the Flight Controller group for the Apollo and SkyLab missions period (60's to 80's).

    Sorry that I'm so late in returning your 6WS comment. I'll try to do better next Saturday.


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