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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School

If you are a teacher and a mom, going back to school has a very different meaning. At least it does in my world. I have to get my classroom ready for my new little ones, meet parents, create bulletin boards, lesson plan, create portfolio's for IEP's and come up with very creative craft ideas for students to complete.  But it doesn't end there, rules, classroom management, and researching how to best teach little ones.  Oh, and we can't forget all of the parent information because without parent support our classroom will not be as successful.  This stuff has been sitting in my garage all summer because I changed schools. 

But then there's back to school for my own kids. School Supply shopping, clothing shopping, and sending my baby off to kindergarten and my oldest off to fifth grade. It is an exciting time of year, but it is filled with laundry, summer cleaning that won't get done again until Spring and sending the little ones off for an exciting new year.  Yes, it is a busy time of year but a good one. And tomorrow will be pictures of the boys ready for their big day. While I will be dressed and ready for one more day of organizing before I welcome my new little ones to the classroom.


  1. Our school system is in a big ole mess. For some reason they are just now working on this year's budget and school was supposed to start Aug. 6. The Board of Education and County commission are at a stand still until someone gives and school is out of session. Rumor is we might not go back for a month. ooooo mmmm gggg

  2. Best wishes for a very successful school year, Austine. As I used to say, the best part of teaching school is SUMMER!!!
    (I taught business law, entrepreneurship, and other business courses at a community college for 22 years after I left NASA in January, 1980.)

  3. I hope everyone has a good first day! School doesn't start here until August 20.


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