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It Works Opportunity
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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Time Out

I'm sure it was inevitable, and I'm sure at sometime I did it to. I know my husband did. I have tried to keep the scissors away from my youngest without supervision. But the other day, he said he needed a pair for school. So, being the mom I am of course I sent him with a pair. He left them in his backpack. And yesterday when he climbed out of my car he, cut his pants and hair. When I asked him why he cut his hair, he informed me, "He just wanted to be bald."

I have decided to not fix it for a few days let him learn a little lesson.

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  1. Oh, that brings back memories. My daughter was born bald. It took forever for her hair to grow. When she finally had a hair trim I was so happy. But then her older sister retrimmed her hair. I think I flipped a little too much at the time, but I had waited so long for the hair to come in!


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