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Monday, May 6, 2013

Mailbox Monday

Sweet Strawberry Basket
projectDissolve one package of unsweetened strawberry drink mix in four tablespoons of water. To make a basket, use green-tinted water to paint the top edge of a funnel-shaped coffee filter; then paint the remaining portion of the filter using the strawberry water. After the filter is dry, use a round-end toothpick to dab on red paint (strawberry seeds). Attach a green construction paper handle as shown.
One-of-a-Kind Bee
projectHere's an adorable bee craft! To make one, paint your palm and fingers with black and yellow stripes as shown; then press your hand onto a sheet of paper, keeping your fingers together. Glue a black paper circle (head) and a pair of construction paper wings to the print. To complete the bee, glue hole-punch dots (eyes) to the head and draw two antennae; then decorate the page as desired.
Speckled Frog
projectThis adorable amphibian is made mainly with three circles!
Materials for one frog:
  • two 4" green circles
  • 6" green circle
  • black scrap paper
  • 2 white pom-poms
  • scissors
  • glue
  • black marker
  • sticky dots
  1. Fold the four-inch circles in half. Then unfold the circles and cut them along the fold lines.
  2. To make legs, glue two half circles to the back of the intact circle (frog body) as shown. To make feet, glue the two remaining half circles to the front of the frog.
  3. Glue the pom-poms to the frog so they resemble eyes. Cut out two black pupils and glue them in place.
  4. Draw a mouth on the frog and details on the feet.
  5. Embellish the frog with sticky dots.



  1. darling projects- who would have thouf using jello as paint??!! Have a great week!

  2. Fun projects! Easy explanations!

    Until reading your post, I would have never considering painting with packaged drinks. What a nifty application.

    The bee is so cute! I must make it. :-)


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