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It Works Opportunity
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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Another Run

Well this weekend was my third race. I have been sick all week and I was very unsure how I would do. I was pleasentley surprised at my ability to keep up and do what needed to be done. I finished in 45 minutes. My goal over the next couple weeks will be to increase my ability to run three miles straight. There was more walking then normal but it didn't seem to inhibit my time. I'm not sure how these races and running is helping me lose weight, that seems to have stalled but I do feel better after I run and I'm enjoying the time I'm spending with my mom and my sister. Next, weekend we run the Firefly race. It is the same track we just ran so that will make it interesting. Not sure if that will help or hinder but I look forward to the challenge. Oh, and my sister is dying to do a mudathon so, it's time to start strength training to see what I'm really made of. Less chub and more muscle.

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