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It Works Opportunity
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

What to do?

 Need to Keep dreaming for myself

In a time when there is so much information out there I find myself bogged down not invigorated. I feel dreams and wishes slipping from my grasp because I have to take the time to find the information and I don't want to. A lack of motivation or a lack of creativity? I don't know, but boredom in my life has set in and it is time to find the new challenge that will keep me dreaming.


  1. I can totally feel your exasperation over lack of motivation to do what needs to be done to grab hold of your dreams. I often find myself in the same mood, wanting a dream to come true but not wanting to do what I have to do to make it so.

    My best advice (not that you asked for it, but...) is to take yourself a day to smell the flowers, so to speak. I find I often just need a play day away from work to regain my focus.

    1. Thanks I will give that a try. I appreciate it. Your right sometimes you need to just take a step back and relax. Then tackle your list the next day or moment.


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